Scoot Horton-

Growing up Scoot always loved music. Then while in High School he heard the Sex Pistols and he knew what he wanted to do. He had to get in a band. It took a few years but he helped form his first hardcore/punk band No Win Situation playing guitar with them around the New York City area.

After a few years Awkward Thought came to being with whom he toured the Northeast U.S. and did a short tour of Europe. He played on Awkward Thought’s – “Mayday”  full length as well as the “Fear Not” ep. During this time he also played guitar in Swish that released a 7” ep and a Cd called “Alles Still Goed”.

Scoot left Awkward Thought and helped start his next band Shell Shock. Shell Shock played from coast to coast in the U.S. and he played on their full length “Born to Kill” as well as a few eps. Shell Shock broke up and Scoot went solo as the rest of the band got a new guitarist and formed On the Loose.

Scoot had started doing open mic’s playing songs he had written in the folk/country/americana style. Music that he always loved even while playing punk/hardcore. He released two well received demos and is now about to release his first solo full length cd in  September 2015 called “627” with his brand of sing along songs.

This is how a few people have described what I do:

“Sex Pistols meet Woody Guthrie”  Thom Joyce

“Elvis Costello meets Woody Guthrie”  George Gierer  (Well they agree on Woody)

“Anti-Folk” Rick Rock (Founder of Tribes Hill)

So be on the look out for a show near you. When you hear about one, come on in, grab a chair, and sing along.

Marlena Peters-

Marlena Peters holds a Masters in Music Education from the College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY. She has worked as a music educator for over twenty-three years working in New York State public schools. Through the years Marlena has produced and performed in many fundraisers for various charities and currently serves on the United Nations NGO Committee on Children’s Rights.  Marlena played keyboards and sang back ups with the Max Graham Band throughout New York City in clubs such as the Bitter End, the Red Lion, and the Living Room. Marlena is thrilled to be working side by side with her man, Scoot Horton, singing covers and Scoot Horton originals.