Here are some links to friends and people I like that I think you should checkout.


Fred Gillen Jr  – singer/songwriter                       Pluck and Rail – americana                                                                                                          

Matt Turk – singer/songwriter                                Phineas and the Lonely Leaves – rock              

Julie Corbalis – singer/songwriter                        Hot Rod Pacer – rock                   

 The Bump– Horror Folk                                           South County – folkabilly

Leo Harmonay – singer/songwriter                      Foster Dad – rock

Chris Moore – singer/songwriter                           Curtis and the Dilettantes – americana/rock

Karen Hudson singer/songwriter                         Curtis and Carla – americana/folk/soul

Mark Sinnis – cemetery and western                    Merwin – electronica 

M R Poulopoulos – singer/songwriter                 Phil Dollard – Folk/blues


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